Thursday, 6 December 2012

A friend (a sydney-sider, so he knows what's what in these parts) suggested I try Balmoral beach for a bit of a change. I gave his idea some consideration, and this morning headed off to new horizons.    

The only trying bit was having to take both a ferry and a bus to get there. But it was so worth it, as they say. No crowds (although the bay can get a bit busy on Sundays, apparently); the fish and chips were fab; the cute bathers' hut produced a mean flat white (like a latte) - and joy of joys, I swam around in the netted bit of the bay free from worries about dodgy marine life clinging onto me. 

Sheer bliss. Or it was, until a bunch of schoolboys spilled onto the beach. Where did they come from all of a sudden? And shouldn't they be in lessons, for heaven's sake? 

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