Thursday, 10 January 2013

You know when you discover somewhere you like so much you're in two minds about telling anyone else about it incase they spoil the party? The locals are likely to be a bit fed up with you too. Hey ho, have to tell you: take a trip to Cronulla.

Ok, it's a bit south of Sydney on the train (45 mins), but it's a little gem and you could always read a good book/check your messages en route to pass the time. Fab beaches; cute ferry; great fish & chips; and the sunsets aren't bad either.

True Brew serves the best flat-white and smoothies in town; and it's next to the movie house where I cried through Les Mis. What is it with Hugh Jackman? He's simply the best of Oz. Sadly, I'm not saying this through personal experience; just guessing. 

That's Chrissie out of the way and now it's NYE and I've blagged my way into watching the pyrotechnics from the roof of a building on the harbour. The fireworks are so popular the city has two goes at wowing the crowds:at nine and then at midnight.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald,  9pm is the new midnight so I decided to follow their advice and watch the earlier show. Yep it was fab, but the bridge doesn't feature as much as later on: no golden waterfall effect. I had to watch that on the telly.