Monday, 26 November 2012

I'm now back in the big city and staying near the harbour - and what a truly gorgeous harbour it is. I took a walk from Circular Quay to The Rocks yesterday, crossing under the famous bridge. It's quite a sight just looking up at it, so there's no way, jose, I'm climbing up-and-over the curved bit (technical term escapes me at this point) as some daft souls are doing. And they pay to do that?

The bridge could do with a lick of paint, dare I venture. It's a bit of a boring, battleship-grey colour, so when it gets its telegraph from the Queen in 20 years' time, maybe it could be painted blue, red or even wattle-yellow?

The harbour's enchanting after sunset with all those lovely twinkling lights; add a lightning show to the mix (as there was last night) and it's scary too. The ferries just ply on regardless: to Manly, Darling Harbour, Balmain - wherever they're heading. I quite fancy going to and from work on the ferry,as lots do.         

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